Sales and Marketing are business essentials that cannot be neglected.  Sales is establishing genuine relationships with customers/or channel partners which is achieved by overcoming objections, negotiating, agreeing to terms and making sure customers are satisfied. Marketing is having an in-depth understanding of the market place from the perspective of a customer in the direction of the company thus leading the company towards its future goals.

Marketing drives the vehicle of an organization’s products or service to customers and channels for maximum return. It helps the organization modify its product offerings, pricing and communication process so it meets the needs of the distribution channel or end customers. It involves discovering costumers’ needs.

Marketing and Sales are likewise going to have good times and bad with each other but eventually must work together. Their roles and values are very essential in making headway in rendering services or selling products. They have the objective of establishing successful quality relationship between an organization and its customers.

However, it has been proven over time that Sales and Marketing work simultaneously achieving better results such as improved sales outreach, excellent campaign measurement and most of all, increased revenue generated. The exception however is in situations where they must achieve different objectives which may likely constitute a struggle in the process of achievement. Most times the process of activity is carried out in this form MARKETING>SALES>MARKETING>SALES till infinity.

Even more, as it is in relationships, Sales and Marketing need to have a common interest by trusting each other, communicating always, have shared vision, mutual respect, understanding and regular appraisals.

When they work together putting all characters in place by supporting each other, it becomes efficient and effective making goals more achievable thereby improving results. Nonetheless, you reap in Sales what you sow in Marketing.

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